Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

08/08/08: Lucky Day, Lucky Number

So there you have it: the whole premise of this show. As in one of Laurie's previous post, it's all about the eights (or eight is enough). Eight artists, eight pieces of artwork. Eight by eight in dimension. OK, well, Dan decided that he would do eight FEET by eight FEET. So I said, only ONE of those, please!

Nearly a year ago, I wondered out loud if I should do a show based on this lucky number eight thing. I was talking out loud to Pat Berrett about it. He said, "Sure, why not? You can do it!". Of course, the next question from me was if he would like to be one of the artists in the show. As you can see his name is on the roster of artists in this show so you know he said, "yes". So, thank you, Pat for giving me that nudge and for participating in this show. And thank you too for having faith in me to run with this and for offering me advice on the "how to's" of it all.

When I mentioned the show concept to other artists who are also friends of mine, they all jumped on board. Thank you Leau, Leighanna, Raine, Regina, Laurie and Dan for joining me on this adventure! What a previlege and a thrill to be in a show with your friends.

I hope when you read this blog if haven't already, go back to the earliest post to get a feel for the process we went through. And, by all means do visit the blogs of the artists in this show. Just click on their names and you will be linked you to their blogs. Get to know who they are; they are really neat and talented people!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you also get a chance to see the show.

08/08/08: Lucky day, Lucky Number. Lucky me!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

nature's own eights

This poly-litho print was first a photo composite of items in my neighborhood. My son Josh and I took about 20 minutes when he was here for the weekend recently and shot photos on our property and next door. The US Forest Service has been doing some thinning in my front yard (I'm 15 ft. from the forest boundary) and the eight stump is probably about 40 yards from my front door on the Cibola National Forest. It was a fun find.

That's all folks. See ya at the show. :)


Thought I'd go ahead and post the rest. For more details see my blog. One more then I'm done -- promise. :)

octopus's garden

My first attempt at a mosaic (sort of) with Glass Graveyard and Kelly (ghost town near Magdalena) dump finds along with some other odds and ends. Even some crash glass swept up from the road near my grandmother's house in Socorro. The images behind the two bigger glass glob thingees are of the rings from a blue ringed octopus. (thanks for the photo Paula)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

hippie dippie doodle moment

This one happened just cause it was fun and I didn't have to think about it. I've probably over-thought most of them. I keep trying to get over that. Oh well.